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Vol. 10 (1995)


Vol. 10: 

Possibilities of Artificial Groundwater recharge in the Azraq Basin: Potential Surface Water Utilization of Five representative Catchment Areas (Jordan).

Atef Al-Kharabsheh

The goal of the present study is the investigation of new surface water resources for groundwater recharge in the Azraq basin. Five catchment areas were selected as being suitable for the construction of recharge dams, two are located in the western part (El Maghayer and Butum) and three in the northern part (Kleita, Erratam and Aritain) where major flood quantities might be received. The average total flood amounts received by the catchment areas are calculated to be about 8.5 MCM every year. These quantities are equal or more than discharge of the dried up springs in the Azraq basin, which indicates that the springs will again be productive as soon as the dams are constructed. The natural materials in the field will help in constructing low - cost recharge dams. The water needs about 190 - 460 days to infiltrate naturally to the groundwater. The elevation area capacity of the reservoirs show that the dams will accommodate all flood quantities.

The hydrochemical investigations indicate that the flood waters will have no negative environmental impact on the groundwater. A geochemical mixing model with different ratios shows that the groundwater will be positively affected by the recharge of the floods. Evaporation model of the flood waters using different ratios to reach 40 % shows that the high quality of the water will be assured.

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