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Vol. 14 (1997)


Vol. 14: 

Ermittlung geogener Stoffkonzentrationen im Grundwasser
[Determination of Natural Groundwater Composition]

Heidrun Gattenlöhner

The detailed compilation of the composition of natural groundwater proceeds the study of increasing man made and atmospheric intluenced quality changes. The inlluence of the areal environmental contermination can be interpreted by characterization and quantification of the natural copmponent. The knowledge of the natural composition of the groundwatertypes occuring in the Triassic stratigraphy of Frankonia is very important for the groundwater protection.
Within the framework of this study an efficient method was developed to simulate a natural groundwater. Therefore the water constituent llow in the system rock - water - soil gas - organics is investigated through a laboratory attempt. A solution process within slightly weathered rock horizons from the Triassic stratigraphy was developed. The experiment set-up allows groundwater of differing COi contents and various organics compositions to be generated. Solution reactions, chemical buffering mechanism and the composition of groundwater from respective aquifers were recognized and illustrated by a geochemical modell. Natural waters of Franconia were characterized.
Secondly, water constituent balances were created by using investigation of input and output values. In combi- nation with natural parameters, established through solution batch experiments, storing or leaching processes can be quantified. The atmospheric or man made influence of the groundwater is transparent.

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