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Vol. 15 (1998)


Vol. 15: 

Durchfluß- und Sorptionsverhalten ausgewählter geologischer Einheiten gegenüber organischen und anorganischen Modellsubstanzen - Untersuchung an ungestörten Proben.

[Conductivity of Undisturbed Mesozoic Claystones to Organic and Anorganic Liquids]

Dieter Pötzl

Hydraulic conductivity and its susceptibility to changes in time or exposition to chemicals are mayor factors to describe the stability of claystones and clayliners. Six mesozoic claystones from Franken/Bavaria, selected to represent a range of mineralogies, were permeated with water, sodium chloride and five organic liquids in fixed wall permeameters. The conductivity of each claystone/water followed by the chosen anorganic and organic liquid was measured. The organic liquids included an acid, a base and more or less polar solvents. The organic liquids were acetic acid, aniline, diethylamine, acetone and ethanol. The conentration of the permeating liquid was first 0,01 mol/l, then 0,05 mol/l and at last 0,3 mol/l. The permeating tests lasts nearly 2 years in total. Tracer-tests, mineralogical and physical determinations of the claystones (Rötton, Lehrbergschichten, Feuerletten, Rhätton, Amaltheenton und Opalinuston) were made in order to describe the clay-chemical interactions between claystone and organic solvent.

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