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Vol. 16 (1999)


Vol. 16: 

Bestimmung der Grundwasserneubildung im semiariden Bereich Namibias mittels der Chlorid-Bilanz-Methode.

[Estimation of Groundwater Recharge in Semiarid Namibia Using the Chloride-Mass-Balance-Approach]

Jens Wrabel

In arid and semi-arid areas the estimation of groundwater recharge as a prerequisite for sustainable water resources management still poses major problems. Apart from vegetation and climatological factors the amount of infiltrating water and the rate of groundwater recharge strongly depends on the characteristics of the unsaturated zone. The thickness and the parameters describing the soil physics determine the infiltration capacity, evaporation and eventually groundwater recharge.

For the study area 'Hochfeld' in Namibia the estimation of groundwater recharge is carried out, using the chloride mass balance approach. In several soil profiles the chloride content in the soil matrix and pore waters is determined together with the parameters of soil physics. Using these parameters and chemical data, water and solute transport through the unsaturated zone at the study site is modelled.

The regionalisation of groundwater recharge is based on additional hydro-chemical groundwater data using a Geographical Information System (GIS). By means of cluster analysis different groundwater types are identified highlighting the heterogenity of groundwater composition in the study area. The processes explaining the local variations of groundwater compositions are explored with GIS techniques. Finally this allows the transfer from local data to regional maps of groundwater rechargeand the regionalisation of groundwater recharge.

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