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Vol. 1 (1990)


Vol.1, p. 1-128: 

Hydrochemische und hydrodynamische Modellrechnungen zur Genese und Verbreitung von Tiefengrundwässern Unterfrankens

[Modelling of the Hydrogeochemical and Hydrodynamical Genesis and Distribution of the Lower Franconia Deep Groundwater]

Michael Hofmann

Deep groundwater, Lower Franconia, thermodynamics, hydrodynamics

Abstract: This paper presents the hydrogeochemistry and hydrodynamic of 27 different deep groundwater samples of the Lower Triassic and Zechstein formations. Chemical and hydrodynamic parameters are quantified to characterize typical processes within the deep hydrogeological regime of the Lower Franconia. The different predominant mineral phases within these aquifers are leading to typical concentrations of the water constituents within each deep groundwater and mixing can be specified. Chemical reactions between the groundwater and the local mineral phases, mixing and ion-exchange processes are simulated stepwise to describe the genesis of a groundwater near the water table of the Lower Triassic to a deep Zechstein water.

In a second phase of the study, physical-hydrodynamic parameters are quantified, which are effective on the movement of the deep groundwaters. Velocities, directions and densities of the deep groundwaters are calculated with respect to the hydrostatic pressure. As a synthesis, all hydrogeochemical and hydrodynamical results are used to construct an image of the whole area and to delineate the flowlines and water circulation processes of the deep groundwater system.

Paper language: german; german abstract

 Vol. 1, p. 129-137:

Physical Interpretation of the Discharge Coefficient of an Aquifer, a, Maillet-Equation.

Elias Salameh & Hazim El-Naser

MAILLET Equation, Discharge Coefficient, Jordan

Abstract: The MAILLET Equation Qt = Q0 * e - t describes the depletion of a groundwater reservoir feeding a spring where the discharge coefficient, , characterizes the spring discharge. Elaborations on the nature and functional relationships of the other parameters included in are discussed and quantified. was found to be a function of porosity, specific permeability, fluid density and viscosity, extension of the aquifer and its geometrical configuration. The relationship of with these parameters is applied to Nimra spring in Jordan.

Paper language: english

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