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Vol. 24 (2001)


Vol. 24: 

Wasserhaushalt und Stofftransport im Aliakmonasgebiet (Nordwest-Griechenland)

[Water Budget and Solute Transport in the Aliakmonas Area (North Western Greece)]

Eleni Zagana

Hydrological, hydrochemical and solute transports investigations have been carried out in the Aliakmonas river basin in northern Greece. With the help of the computer programm MODBIL (UDLUFT, 1995) a water budget for subcatchment areas as well as for the whole catchment area were calculated. Groundwater recharge derived from the water balance model amounted to 172 mm/y for the northernmost part of the catchment and decreased to 131 mm/y and 83 mm/y further east and south. For the whole river basin the modelled runoff reached 357 mm/y compared to 325 mm/y measured at the gauging station Ilarion. Hydrochemical investigations confirmed the pattern of groundwater recharge within the basin. A preliminary cluster analysis yielded an aggregation of water samples into end members and their respective mixtures, representing the geogenic influences within the basin. Hydrochemical profiles along the Aliakmonas river showed a lateral subsurface influx from carbonatic aquifers in the upper part of the Aliakmonas river. While the hydrochemical study revealed significant influx from the northwestern molasse along the middle reach of the river Aliakmonas, contributions from ophiolite areas become dominant in the lower part. The load for all major elements was calculated and analysed as a function of river discharge in order to identify their geogenic or anthropogenic origin. The type of concentrations/discharge relationship pointed to a geogenic origin for the most of the major elements. The load of all elements increased along the river.

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