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Vol. 25 (2001)


Vol. 25: 

Entwicklung und Validierung des Computerprogramms MODTRANS - Ein Computerprogramm zur Berechnung des Stofftransports in der ungesättigten Bodenzone

[Development and Validation of MODTRANS - A Software to Calculate the Solute Transport in the Unsaturated Zone]

Stefan Weigand

Object of this paper is to make a easy useable computer program which describes the transport and fate of water and its contents in the unsaturated zone.
Therefor the program MODBIL version mbtgvb5 which computes the leaky of water was expended to compute transport. The program MODBIL was propounded by professor Dr. P. Udluft (Lehr- und Forschungsbereich für Hydrogeologie und Umwelt des Institutes für Geologie der Julius-Maximilians-Universität in Würzburg) and is not published yet.
The new program MODTRANS contains of three parts. These compute the transport in the unsaturated zone of the first meter of soil, the underlying soil and the rock. The soil and rock is subdivided in parts of 0,1 m or 1,0 m thickness. By running MODTRANS first computes the transport of water between two segments and between parts of these segments with different transport behaviour. The mass of substance is then computed from the mass of water and its contents. Besides a decomposition of first order can be modelled likewise a decomposition which is caused by substance intake of roofs.
To validate the program the transport of herbicide Diuron in the unsaturated zone has been investigated. In an investigation area flow water and soil samplings were be taken once a week. In the lab researches with lysimeters had also been done. The Diuron content was analysed by ELISA testkits.

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