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Vol. 29 (2003)


Vol. 29: 

Grundwasserneubildungsdynamik im Buntsandstein des Spessarts - Ermittlung über die Durchströmung der ungesättigten Zone

[Dynamics of groundwater recharge in the triassic Bunsandstein formation, Spessart/Germany - determination of the flow rate in the unsaturated zone]

Edgar Harzer

With the help of a one dimensional flow modell for the unsaturated zone the groundwater recharge for a fractured, porous aquifer is calculated. The Hafenlohr basin area in the Buntsandsteinspessart was chosen as the study area. The calculation is based on the knowledge of the relation between water content and water tension and of the hydraulic permeability of the fractured rock mass and the porous matrix. The modelled medium is interpreted as a double-porosity-medium with fractured rock mass and porous matrix connected by exchange terms. With the chosen model it is possible to calculate the groundwater recharge just as surface runoff, evapotranspiration and interflow at stratigraphic boundaries. The passage from the soil to the solid rock has the most controlling influence on the groundwater recharge. The recharge averages 66 and 100 mm respectively, depending on the consideration of interflow in the solid rock. Even in years with extrem high or low precipitation the fluctuation of the groundwater recharge is low. A simulation of the Hafenlohr discharge based on the calculated data gives good results compared to measured values.

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