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Vol. 30 (2003)


Vol. 30: 

Hydrogeo-Eco-Systems in Aqaba/Jordan – Coasts and Region; Natural Settings, Impacts of Land Use, Spatial Vulnerability to Pollution and Sustainable Management

Mohammad Al-Farajat

The coast of Aqaba and the Aqaba region (Jordan) were investigated on their hydrogeo-ecosystem. The results of the research were translated into digits to build a geo-spatial data base. The fillings of the graben aquifer receive indirect type of recharge through the side wadis which drain the highlands. Surface water balance was modeled for a period of 20 years of daily climate records using MODBIL program which attributes direct recharge to wet years only. The hydrodynamic fresh water/seawater interface in the coastal zones was investigated by applying vertical geoelectric surveys and models of several methods to confirm its coincidence with the aquifer’s flow amounts, where human impacts in terms of over-pumping allowed more encroachment of seawater into land, and unintended recharge which led to seaward interface migration. A groundwater balance and solute transport were approached by developing a flow model from the hydrogeological and hydrochemical data. The nature of soil cover and aquifer whose physical properties enhance human impacts indicated the vulnerability of groundwater to pollution. This certainly threatens the marine ecology which forms the sink where the in-excess flow ends. The constructed digital background was exported into GIS to sub-zone the study area in terms of the aquifer’s vulnerability to pollution risks using DRASTIC index. However, it was unable to meet all geo-spatial factors that proved to have significant impacts on the vulnerability. Consequently, a comprehensive index -SALUFT- was developed. This suggests the suitable land use units for each zone in the light of vulnerability grades aiming at protecting the available groundwater resources.

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