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Heft-Nr. 33 (2005)

Heft 33, S. (11) 1-17: 

Kurzfassung - Abstract

Heft 33, S. (11) 1-17: 

Sinkholes related to Tectonic Factor at Ghor Al Haditha Area, Dead Sea/Jordan

[Der tektonische Einfluss auf die Dolinenbildung in der Ghor Haditha Region, Totes Meer/Jordanien]

Abdullah Ali Diabat

The study area is located on the Lisan Peninsula at the most prominent structure of Jordan: the Dead Sea Transform. The area is affected by repeated phases of subsidence and sinkhole development since several decades. The aim of this study is to point out the tectonic effect as an additional factor triggering the sinkholes in the study area.
During the field work a total of 150 fault-slip data are measured in the neighboring bed rocks and in Pleistocene sediments, while 30 strike measurements of cracks are taken from the sinkhole area itself in soft sediments. Each group of the measurements is represented as a rose diagram. Comparison between both shows a relative coincidence in their trends indicating the tectonic factor as a major role in triggering the sinkholes in the study area.

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