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Heft-Nr. 33 (2005)

Heft 33, S. (1) 1-10: 

Kurzfassung - Abstract

Heft 33, S. (1) 1-10: 

A semi quantitative method to evaluate the soil radon potential: The "10 point system"

[Eine semi-quantitative Methode zur Bewertung des Boden-Radon-Potentials: Das "10 Punkte System"]

J. Wiegand

This study gives a compilation and evaluation of important parameters on the soil radon potential. According to their importance, seven parameters were strung in a ranking system: made grounds - geology - relief - vegetation cover - tectonics - soil sealing - traffic vibrations. While the first four parameters control the soil radon potential on a more regional scale, the last three ones can modify it locally. This ranking system builds the base of the so called "10 point system". The advantage of this system lies in the possibility to estimate the soil radon potential of any site on a local scale. Common classifications and rankings, based on never sufficient scaled maps, can be implanted into the proposed system. Furthermore, the "10 point system" was verified at 511 test sites throughout Germany. The predicted soil radon potential has a highly significant positive correlation with the actual measured radon concentration in the soil-gas (R² of mean values: 0.94).

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