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Heft-Nr. 33 (2005)
  • Beiträge zur Hydro- und Umweltgeologie - Aus Anlass des 65. Geburtstages von Peter Udluft
    [Contributions to Hydrogeology and Environmental Sciences - In honour of Peter Udlufts 65th birthday]

    Heft 33, S. (4) 1-23: 

    Kurzfassung - Abstract

    Heft 33, S. (4) 1-23: 

    Groundwater resources of the Limnatis catchment in Cyprus: Application of the water balance modelling program MODBIL in an area of irrigation

    [Grundwasserresourcen des Limnatis Einzugsgebietes in Zypern: Anwendung des Wasserhaushaltsmodellierungsprogrammes MODBIL in einem Bewässerungsgebiet]

    J. Mederer

    In the frame of the project "Re-evaluation of the Groundwater Resources of Cyprus", program modifications of the water balance modelling program MODBIL have been carried out to simulate water allocation for irrigation or water consumption by riverine vegetation (so called "secondary evapotranspiration"). The study area of the Limnatis catchment in the Troodos Mountains is characterised by local extensive agricultural landuse with water abstractions for irrigation. It was therefore chosen as a pilot area for the calibration and validation of the modified program. The results of the water balance modelling show that MODBIL is able to simulate water allocation and consumption on a local level. Furthermore, calibration in the study area could not have been carried out precisely without the additional water "consumption" of the secondary evapotranspiration. The influences of land- and groundwater use on the water balance are discussed by comparing the results in the Limnatis area to the results of the water balance modelling in the Upper Diarizos - a catchment with only minor human impact on landuse and groundwater system.

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