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Heft-Nr. 33 (2005)

Heft 33, S. (6) 1-21: 

Kurzfassung - Abstract

Heft 33, S. (6) 1-21: 

Solid waste Management and Disposal in Mafraq City

[Abfallmanagement und -entsorgung in Mafraq City]

N. A. Al-Ansari, A. Al-Hanbali, R. Dhayaflah

Protection of the environment from solid waste hazards is becoming a serious problem. Different laws and legislations had been put into practice for this purpose. The effect of solid waste in countries like Jordan with limited financial and natural resources and high population growth rate is more severe. To overcome these difficulties, prudent management system for solid waste is required. Furthermore, solid waste disposal site should be selected using scientific criteria to prevent any harmful effect on local communities and the environment.
Criteria for solid waste disposal dump site for Mafraq City were selected in accordance with well known international requirements that suits the local conditions. These criteria were used to select the best suitable solid waste dump site using remote sensing and geographic information system techniques. The selected sites are harmless to human life, natural resources and the environment.

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