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Heft-Nr. 33 (2005)

Heft 33, S. (8) 1-13: 

Kurzfassung - Abstract

Heft 33, S. (8) 1-13: 

Hydrogeophysical Exploration for Groundwater Potentials in Titin Basin, South Jordan

[Hydrophysikalische Erkundung des Grundwasserpotentials im Titin Becken, Süd-Jordanien]

M. Al Farajat, H. Al-Amoush, R. Abou Salah

Titin basin locates to the most southern part of Jordan in an arid region with annual precipitation amounts less than 37 mm and more than 90% rates of evaporation. Analyses on historical records of rainfall show that some thunder storms frequently take place in the one decade and can form good recharge opportunities for the aquifer. Many side wadis with good catchment areas drain their water after these storms to the basin. Qualitative interpretation of gravity measurements revealed that the grabin of the basin is filled with more than 70 m thick clastic deposits from granite origin, where the southern part of the basin was found to show deeper basement, and accordingly good possibilities for groundwater reservoir. Vertical geoelectrical profiles conducted in the basin in the promising areas defined depending on the interpretation of the gravity measurements revealed to the southern part of the basin a water bearing zone with a thickness of 20 meters at depths of about 60 meters.
The quality of the groundwater found in some shallow perched aquifers in the area was found to be of fresh type with TDS less than 620 mg/l.
The defined water amounts and quantity may meet local and small scale demands of the dwellers for their livestock husbandry activities, and can develop the Titin small community economically.

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