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Heft-Nr. 33 (2005)

Heft 33, S. (9) 1-19: 

Kurzfassung - Abstract

Heft 33, S. (9) 1-19: 

GIS Mapping of Ground Water Vulnerability Against Pollution in Amman Using DRASTIC Index

[GIS Kartierung der Grundwassergefährdung durch Verschmutzung in Amman mit Hilfe des DRASTIC-Indexes]

Mohammed Al Farajat, Ibraheem Hamdan, Kholood Jaber, al Sharifa Hind Mohammed

Vulnerability map of groundwater against pollution using DRASTIC index was built to the area of Amman -capital of Jordan-, with a resolution of 1 km2, aiming at defining vulnerable zone of the aquifer to pollution under the accelerating land use, and on the other hand to regulate some land use units contribute to the pollution of the aquifer. Geological maps and geological cross sections, soil maps, digital elevation models, hydrogeological and data of abundant wells and climate data were mapped and/or digitized and given rates according to DRASTIC index, and then used to produce the vulnerability map. The aquifer showed wide areas of moderate vulnerability and limited non-vulnerable zones. The map will be used to contribute in more friendly land use plans in the areas under study by the bigger Amman Municipality.

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