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Vol. 3 (1991)


Vol. 3: 

Groundwater Resources of the Deep Aquifer Systems in NW-Jordan: Hydrogeological and Hydrogeochemical Quasi 3-Dimensional Modelling.

Hazim El-Naser

3-Dimensional Modelling, Jordan, Deep Groundwater, Hydrgeochemistry

Abstract: In this work, the hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical characteristics of the northwestern part of Jordan have been studied and investigated. In addition, a conceptual hydrodynamic model was constructed which shows that an upward leakage from the lower aquifer (Kurnub) to the upper aquifer (B2 - A7) is taking place. in an attempt to quantify the amount of upward leakage as well as the thermodynamics of both aquifers, four hydrogeochemical models were constructed, using hydrogeochemical data from relevant wells and springs of the B2 - A7 and Kurnub aquifers. By using the results of the above mentioned hydrgeological and hydrogeochemical investigations and by coupling the mixing ratios and the available hydraulic properties of both aquifers, a quasi three-dimensional groundwater flow model is built and calibrated, which adequately represents the historical behavior of the system. The steady-state runs of the model were used to calculate the subsurface inflows as well as outflows of both aquifers. In the nonsteady-state runs two schemes were tested; an optimal scheme for the pumping rates from the aquifer and the other with the effects of the present abstraction rates on the hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical situation of the aquifer.

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