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Vol. 4 (1992)


Vol. 4: 

Ausbreitungsverhalten von leichtflüchtigen Chlorkohlenwasserstoffen (LCKW) in der ungesättigten Zone.

[Behavior of Volatile Hydrocarbons in the Unsaturated Zone]

Johannes Straub

This paper presents the transport and fate of volatile hydrocarbons as trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene in the unsaturated zone. The behavior of organic pollutants in this compartment is determined by many physical and chemical processes. Batch experiments have been conducted to measure partition coefficients between the solid, liquid and vapor phase. Column experiments have been performed to determine the gaseous diffusion coefficients in relation to moisture contents in unsaturated systems. Quaternary fluvioglacial and tertiary sediments with different specific surfaces areas and different contents of organic carbon have been used in all experiments. The transport of dissolved hydrocarbons during the column experiments has been monitored with suction cups, made of porous ceramic, steel or teflon. Problems in sampling the seepage water consist in the fact that the substances are adsorbed at the suction cups and are degassing in the sample bottle. Sorption coefficients have been determined by laboratory experiments. An apparatus has been constructed, which a closed system prevent degassing by collecting the sample in a gastight glassiringe. To illustrate the volatile pollutant behavior, contaminant transport has been calculated with a given analytical model. This model incorporates the effects of volatilization, leaching and degradation to describe the major pathways of soil applied organic chemicals as a function of environmental variables and soil conditions.

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