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Vol. 5 (1992)


Vol. 5: 

Der Einfluß des Trennfugengefüges auf die Grundwasserströmung in Kluftgrundwasserleitern

[The Influence of Fracture Joints on Groundwater Flow in Fissured Rock Aquifers]

Bernhard Huber

Triassic, joint aquifer, hydrodynamics, numeric modelling, drinking-water protection areas

Because of the geometrical complexity of its fracture joints, fissured rock as opposed to soils represents a spatial heterogeneous and anisotropic medium. The investigation methods used for flow processes in soils can only be applied to aquifers in fissured rocks in exceptional cases. The first theoretical part of this paper treats the determination of hydrogeological parameters in joint aquifers and the assessment thereof for calculating the size of drinking water protection areas by means of evaluating specialized literature. As an applied example, the inflow of two neighbouring well lines situated in the joint aquifer of the Eastern Spessart's Lower and Middle Buntsandstein (Lower Triassic) will be examined. Based on detailed tectonic investigations, a regional structural analysis of geologic deformation and a hydrogeologic concept, an attempt will be made to solve the question of inflow by means of a combined discontinuous-continuous numeric 2-D model calculation. The computer controlled simulation of ground water flow forms the basis for the calculation of zones II (inner protection areas) of these groundwater developments.

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