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Vol. 6 (1993)


Vol. 6: 

Quantifizierung der Bodenwasserbewegungen im Hinblick auf die Grundwasserneubildung mit Hilfe deckschichtenphysikalischer Kenngrößen.

[Quantification of Soil Water Flow with Regard to the Groundwater Recharge using Soil-Physical Data]

Rainer König

Meteorology, Soil Physics, Soil Water Content, Matric Potential, Water Release Characteristic, Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity, Water Movement, Groundwater Recharge, Modelling

The initial conditions for groundwater recharge in unconsolidated rocks and in the soil zone are characterized by meteorological and soil-physical parameters. Especially in the superficial layer, these data determine the quantity and quality of groundwater recharge by soil water flow with respect to surface runoff, infiltration, soil moisture distribution, evapotranspiration and deep drainage.
The water balance of four different field soils and their characteristics are investigated. The different components of the soil water flow in the unsaturated zone can be determined by stochastic models and by simple evaluation using meteorological and soil-physical data. concerning the characteristics of the unsaturated zone the meteorological data are changed from the static point of view towards a dynamic one, that means the consideration of meteorological data with respect to the factor time. The soil-physical measurements and calculations are regarded as the fundamentals of auch investigations. Different investigations and calculations were carried out in order to get an idea about the best fitting method. These calculation data are compared to each other and to different data of field investigations. These combined field and laboratory data are classified and allow to characterize the different pores and pore systems. Classified results and the best fitting methods are combined to a new, computer-based water flow and groundwater recharge model.

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