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Vol. 8 (1994)


Vol. 8: 

Hydrogeologische Untersuchungen in den Einzugsgebieten des Grünbaches, Gerchsheimer Grabens und Rödersteingrabens auf Blatt 6324 Tauberbischofsheim-Ost

[Hydrogeological Investigations in the Catchment Areas of Grünbach, Gerchsheimer Graben and Rödersteingraben on sheet 6324 Tauberbischofsheim-Ost (Germany)]

Konrad Albert

The present study results of geological, hydrogeologic and hydrochemic investigations on the Muschelkalk and Keuper beds in the so-called "badisches Frankenland" of sheet 6324 Tauberbischofsheim-Ost, Baden Württemberg. Geologic mapping and the evaluation of the tectonic inventory are the basis for the second part of the studies. That part includes hydrogeologic investigations in three catchment areas on the sheet, which are affected by karstification and anthropogenous impairing. Water balances and recession flood analysis were determined by means of meteorological parameters. Those and own measurements are the basis for the determination of the ground water recharge for a longer period and for years with the extreme weather conditions in the karstic catchment areas. Special investigations such as experiments with traced infiltration (in the Muschelkalk karst), determination of the cleft volumes and the dichargeable water quantity as well as ground water surface contour map tribute to the characterization of the aquifer system.

Special attendance was drawn to hydrogeologic investigations that include chemical analysis of wells in the catchment areas, of flowing waters and precipitates. Statistic evaluation and interpretation of the data tell the particulars of extent of anthropogenous influence. The hydrochemic modeling program WATEQ4F was used to determine the saturation of waters from well in respect to the solid mineral phases calcite, dolomite, and gypsum.

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