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Hello, my name official name is: Jeroen Johan Andreas Wijnen MSc.
Born in Geldrop, the Netherlands.
After 20 years living in Someren with my parents and kid-brother (also in the Netherlands) I moved to the extreme north of my country to the very nice city of Groningen (the Netherlands).
After one year of study in Groningen and drinking to much for health I decided to study physical geography in Amsterdam. There I landed as a country boy in the big city of Amsterdam. At the metro the doors closed so fast and then those weird people from Amsterdam (students, artists, people managing the network, junkies and several other classes of people).
But it was great in Amsterdam.
Now I have landed in Würzburg where I will get my doctors degree and most important I hope to become a (hydro)geologist.


Physical Geography

at the University of Amsterdam.

Specialisation in Geomorphology/Quaternary Geology/ Engineering Geology by:

* Geomorphological mapping and its applications, the Blasenka Mountain in Großwalser Tal, Austria.
* Erasmus Intensive Course on High Alpine Geomorphology
* Subjects in Engineering Geology at the Technical University of Delft (Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics,
   Static and dynamic loading, Subsidence, Geohydrology)
* Trainee period: Quaternary geological mapping for the Geological Survey of Ireland, Quaternary Section
* Course: Structural geology and the footprints of the glaciers, Earth Sciences at Free University of Amsterdam
* Reflection seismics cruise for surveying the Quaternary Geology of the North Sea, Dutch Geological Survey
* Glacial and periglacial geology
* Master thesis on: Processes in the ice-margin of the Myrdalsjökull-Icecap, Iceland

Ph.D. in Hydrogeology at the Geological Institute of the Julius-Maximilian University of Würzburg


A Simulation of the Groundwater Hydraulics and Transport Processes in the Iraí-Basin near Curitiba, Brazil.
the subject of the my thesis is introduced in the link above.




Koninklijk Nederlands Geologisch en Mijnbouwkundig Genootschap
Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft
International Association of Hydrogeology

Conferences I visited:

The 'Jahrestagung des Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaftes', 6. - 9.10.99.
The 'Lateinamerika Kolloquium' 14. - 16.10.98 in Bayreuth where I presented a poster.
Symposium on 'Hydrogeological models a basis for numerical groundwater models' at the LMU, Muenich 21. - 22.10.99.
Symposium 'Zeitgemäße Deponietechnik, Forschung und Praxis in Bayern', Technical University Muenich 26.10.99.
Symposium 'Hydrogeology and Management of Groundwater Resources' at Niedersächsisches Landesamt für Bodenforschung, Hannover 24.- 25.11.99.
The HydroGeoEvent 2000, 29.09.- 4.10.2000 in Heidelberg where I was a speaker: "Strategie zur einfachen Erfassung der Verschmutzungsempfindlichkeit eines Grundwasservorkommens in Paraná, Brasilien".

The II Karst Project Workshop by Joaneum Research, Sanepar and UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil
Global Positioning System navigation at UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil 20.11.98
Tracer Methods in Hydrogeology at the LMU, Muenich 1.3. - 5.3.99
Statistische Analysen von Geodaten, FU Berlin 21.2 - 25.2.00

Large geological excursions I visited

North-Greece, hydrogeology; Saxothungericum-Moldabnubicum in Tsech Republik and Eastern Bavaria; geophysical practicum in the Eifel, Germany, Switserland, Gotthard- Aar-Massiv, engineering geology; Jordania, hydrogeology and Norway (geology and mining in Southern Norway).


Wijnen, J.J.A. and Dogge, F.C.G, 1996: Co. Roscommon, a report of the sheets 17/25 NE and 17/25 SE, Geological Survey of Ireland, Dublin (unpublished report).

J.J.M. van der Meer & J. Wijnen 1996: Field Report: Dutch participation in Danish Myrdallsjökull Expedition 1996. Rapport Fysisch Geografisch en Bodemkundig Laboratorium, Universiteit van Amsterdam; 96 pp.

Heinrichs, G., Da Rosa Filho, E.F. and Wijnen, J., 1998: The Irai-dam-project in southern Brazil and the vulnerability of the Guabirotuba-Aquifer - an estimation; 16th Latin-American Conference on Geoscience, Abstracts; Terra Nostra 98/5; eds. Stingl, H. and Peterek, A., University of Bayreuth.

Kus, G., Udluft, P. and Wijnen, J.J.A., 2000: Strategie zur einfachen Erfassung der Verschmutzungsempfindlichkeit eines Grundwasservorkommens in Paraná, Brasilien; HydroGeoEvent 2000 Wasser-Gesteinswechselwirkungen, Schriftreihe der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft Heft 12, M. Isenbeck-Schröter ed. University of Heidelberg.

Wijnen, J.J.A. and Udluft, P., 2000: A simulation of the groundwater hydraulics and solute transport in the Iraí-basin near Curitiba, Brazil; Report of the Department of Hydrogeology and Environmental Sciences, Geological Institute Würzburg.