A Simulation of the Groundwater Hydraulics and Transport Processes in the Iraí-Basin near Curitiba, Brazil.

Jeroen Wijnen MSc.
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A groundwater flow and particle tracking model for the Iraí-basin, Paraná, Brazil - Summary (english)

Ein Grundwasserströmungs- und Stofftransportmodell für das Iraí-Becken, Paraná, Brasilien - Zusammenfassung (deutsch)


In September 1996 this project started as a cooperation between the Department of Hydrogeology at the Institute of Geology of the Bayerische Julius Maximilians Universität Würzburg and Department of Hydrogeology at the Institute of Geology of the Universidade Federal Paranense Regional (UFPR) in Brazil. There is also an important cooperation with the Companhia de Saneamento do Paraná (SANEPAR) and Superintendência de desenvolvimento de Recursos Hídricos e Saneamento (SUDERHSA).

Figure 1 The State of Paraná; indicated by X is the location of the survey area.

The study area is a small basin northeast of Curitiba the Iraí-basin, where SANEPAR exploits some wells and has several piezometers.
Part of this basin will be flooded after construction of the Iraí-dam and a reservoir will be developed. This reservoir is constructed in the first place for the water supply and in the second place for flood control. Possible risks for this water resource are some of the tributairies of the Iraí-river that flow through densely populated areas. Although officially the area around the reservoir is protected, uncontrolled settlement and littering may be a true problem. A computer simulation of the groundwater hydraulics and transport processes will take these probable influences into account.

Data have been collected during 2 field trips to the survey area.

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