Research Results of the
Department of Hydrogeology and Environment

Institute of Geology at the University of Würzburg, Germany

Former Members

Prof. Dr. Peter Udluft
Annemarie Mansourie
Direction of the Laboratories:
Adolf Heilos

Name Project Email
Dipl.-Geol. Cornelia Beck  
Dr. Ariane Borgstedt Groundwater resources Central Africa
Dr. Armin Dünkeloh GRC-Project
Dipl.- Geol. Andreas Eizenhammer Hydrogeology Kalahari (NW Botswana)
Dr. Mohammad Al Farajat Hydrogeo-Ecosystems in Aqaba
Dipl.- Geol. Karin Klauß  
Dr. Christoph Külls GRC-Project (since 2001);
GREM (EU Project 1997-2000);
Grundwasser NW-Kalahari, Namibia (- 2000)
Dipl.- Geol. Sven- Oliver Lorenz Geology of the Wadi el Arab - Hydro-Geochemical investigation on rock and soil samples from northern Jordan.
Dr. Holger Mainardy Groundwater recharge Kalahari, Namibia
Dipl.-Geol. Parviz Mansourie    
Dipl.- Geol. Joachim Mederer GRC-Project
Dipl.- Geol. Markus Mentele Capacitive hygrometry
Dr. Nedal Al Ouran Gulf of Aqaba - Documentation of Pollution
Dr. Ronald Pasig Chaco-Project (Bolivien, Paraguay)
Dipl.- Geol. Bernhard Schäfers Water-budget in landfill coverages
Dr. Heike Wanke (ehem. Klock) Hydrogeology of the Kalahari in NE-Namibia
Dipl.- Geol. Jens Widmann Water-budget in landfill coverages
Dr. Jeroen Wijnen Groundwater models - Iraí-Becken, Paraná, Brazil
Dr. Eleni Zagana Water Budget and Solute Transport in NW-Greece


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