Research Results of the
Department of Hydrogeology and Environment

Institute of Geology at the University of Würzburg, Germany

 GRC-Project: Re-evaluation of the Natural Groundwater Resources of Cyprus

Prof. P. Udluft, Prof. J. Schaller, Dr. C. Kuells, A. Dünkeloh, J. Mederer, B. Reger

The GRC-project (Re-evaluation of the Groundwater Resources of Cyprus) is financed by the Geological Survey Dept. of Cyprus and accomplished in cooperation with the Department of Hydrogeology and Environment of the University of Wuerzburg, the Planning Bureau Prof. Schaller (PBS) and the company Hydroisotop. The primary objective is the re-evaluation of the groundwater resources with regard to quality and quantity. This is mainly achieved by analysing the changes in condition of important aquifers and by generating groundwater models for selected aquifers. An observation network has therefore been installed.
Another important objective is the preparation of water balances for important catchment areas and for the whole island. Groundwater-flow-models are generated to analyse groundwater-dynamic processes. It is necessary to develop satellite image based land use maps, accomplish isotope-investigations to examine groundwater recharge in detail and to carry out further hydrogeologic and hydrologic field work. Further on, water balances for the following decades are estimated based on circulation scenarios modeled for the expected increasing greenhouse effect.
Based on the results of the investigations measures and recommendations are defined respecting the reasonable use and protection of the natural water resources. The harmonisation to EU standards are an important issue in this context. The assistances at the local authorities are integrated in the process and are introduced to the used methods and techniques.

Extended abstract of the GRC-project: grc_extended_abstract.pdf (3.403 KB)


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