Research Results of the
Department of Hydrogeology and Environment

Institute of Geology at the University of Würzburg, Germany
 Methods of measuring the water-budget in landfill coverages

Bernhard Schäfers

The water budget of a landfill coverage mainly depends on precipitation. Depending on exposition to sun and wind a big part of the water evaporates, the rest will flow away. The flow can take place as surface flow or interflow. Those factors are influenced as well by Flora and Fauna as by weather conditions. Soil properties are very important, too. For example Evaporation is controlled by field capacity and available water. At least a small amount of water can penetrate into the landfill body.

To get to know the scale of these factors, the measurement of precipitation, evaporation an water flow is necessary. Until now no sufficient system to find out more about what happens to the water in the coverage has been developed. The gear of this project is to generate methods to determinate the water budget of landfill coverages. With those methods a monitoring over many years should be made possible.

In another step the water budget is modelled by a computer simulation. This simulation can be calibrated with the data from the landfill site. In addition to this measuring technique can be optimized and the input-parameters can be verified. As a result of this project an in-situ-supervision of the water budget of a landfill-coverage should be made possible.

Project supported by
BayFORREST (Project F153)



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